JavaScript as a communication and sketching tool
Paradox Interactive
Two .html files
#1 gamepadViewer.html
Consoles games!
Issues with gamepad controls!
Describing issues with gamepad controls!
#2 researchOverview.html
excel sheets, jira tickets and a bunch of .pdf
Problem: harder for top-management to "drop-in and have a look"
Problem: pattern recognition is more difficult
Problem: it's all in the UR lead's head
No delay
No change in team's workflow
More questions get answered
Let's talk! I want to code more
"You should outsource this!"
Ideas come during study preparations
Coders shortage
Bonus section if we have enough time:
Discussing UI during pre-production
Warning: only works with some dev teams
Early experiments with M+KB, gamepad controls
Early experiments with UI audio feedback
Early experiments with the duration of UI notifications
Your boss (and his boss) can see it without having to check out from Perforce
Whoever shows the best prototype gets the funding