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Tooltips in strategy games

The short story

I am currently coding a page to encourage UX designers to learn how to code in Javascript.

The deliverable:

To argue that prototypes coded in native Javascript can be more efficient than wireframes and other prototying tools, the web page will show:

My reasons for making this

I like using John Cutler's model to describe my intentions.


Target: UX designers in game teams

Current behavior: Some UX designers write their documentation using wireframing or web prototyping software. Those pieces of software tend to save "in-progress" documents under a propriatory file format, which prevents teammates from accessing those files. This leads to situations where the rest of the has no access to those documents outside of formal meetings.

Intervention: Teach those designers how to work with native Javascript to prototype and share their ideas.

Outcome: UX designers should start to produce documents that can be shared in an instant message, and that can be accessed by any employee from their web browser.

When will I do this?

//unfinished, tech tech is finished though (three.js vectors intersecting)