I conduct user research on video games. I work at Paradox Interactive and I like using Javascript to prototype and share ideas.

User research tools

Gamepad inputs tool Participant feedback tool

Rapid prototyping

My Riot Research Summit 2016 talk (annotations to be added in July 2017) User research dashboard (April 2017) Elevation indicators in first-person games (June 2017) Tooltips in strategy games (December 2017)
My coding skills so far

Summary: I code to make my colleagues more productive. Helping them is incredibly satisfying but makes learning more difficult, as their needs dictate which languages I end up learning.

  • Javascript: beginner (2 years of learning during weekends and holidays). Solid understanding of the Gamepad API.
    Note that in order to educate myself in the best conditions, I've been avoiding libraries as much as possible. As a result, I learned how take advantage of Javascript's prototypal inheritance.
  • Processing: beginner (1 year of learning during weekends and holidays)
  • On my to-do list: SQL, then d3.js, then Python and/or C++

Shipped projects


Student projects